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What sizes do the pairs of fuzzy dice come in?
The fuzzy dice are available in 2", 3", & 4".

Are those sizes EXACT sizes?
Probably not, but they'll be close (within 3/8").  The actual dice sizes do vary as a result of many factors....what the dice are filled with, whether the dice are "rounded" or "cubed" style, how high the pile (height) of the fuzz/fur is, and which manufacturer produced the dice.   Over more than 20 years, we've seen many styles of 3" dice, for example, and they all look different side by side, but they're all still referred to as 3".


What are the dice made from?
Most of our pairs of dice are made from a durable poyfiber fabric.  But as you can see, we offer the widest selection of fuzzy dice on the internet, and in order to give our customers this variety, our dice come in a multitude of fabrics and materials.   Some examples include furry material (of course!), satin exteriors, and soft-sided polyester.

Do all the fuzzy dice that you carry have the same pile (height) of fur?
No, they do not, as it is dependent on what materials are available in the market.  They range from a short fuzz (ie. fleece) to long furry material (eg. grey).  (Please note we do not carry any of the shag fur products any longer.)

**As of 2020, the availability of the longer-pile furs has become much smaller,  so we've been moving more towards the shorter fuzz fabrics.


What are the dice filled with?
Similar to the last two questions above, we try to offer our customers as large a selection of dice colors as possible, which means we deal with many manufacturers.  Depending on the dice you choose, some pairs come with a microfiber stuffing, giving the dice a more "rounded" look, while others have foam blocks inside, giving the dice a more "cubed" look.

Are the dots printed, embroidered or glued on?
Once again, depending on where the dice were manufactured, some dice have the pips/dots heat-transferred onto the fuzzy dice, while others have them glued on.

Will the dice be the EXACT same color as it appears on my computer screen?
If it's not exact, we can certainly promise it will be close!  Due to different dye & pattern lots in the material, and varied computer screen settings, the color/style may vary slightly from what you see on your monitor.  We try as best as possible to keep our images current.

When I do a search for "Red" (for example), it gives me almost 100 'Results'.  I see the Red color products show up first, but then I see many other fuzzy dice colors come up after that, like blue pairs, green pairs, etc.  Why are these colors coming up under a "Red" search?
This is not an error.  Since many of our other pairs of fuzzy dice now offer the exciting, new "Color-Your-Dots" availability - which includes Red Dots, these pairs of dice also come up as secondary "Red" selections (after the Red fuzzy dice, Red steering wheel cover, Red rear view mirror cover, etc.) in your search.   Another method to search for "Red" only is to used the FILTER button near the top left of your screen (within any product category), and select the "Red" filter in the sub-menu.

Can I see ONLY the pairs of dice that offer the "Color-Your-Dots" option?
Yes., we have created an exclusive category for just the pairs of fuzzy dice that have the "Color-Your-Dots" capability, which can be found in the Fuzzy Dice drop-down menu.  You can also do this when you're already in the Fuzzy Dice category by selecting the FILTER button near the top left of your screen, and selecting the "Color-Your-Dots" filter in the sub-menu.

Are the pair of dice joined together by something?
Yes, our pairs of dice are joined together by a nylon rope.

Can I choose the color of the rope?
We currently carry black rope and white rope only and they cannot be changed to a different color, unfortunately.

How can I order products from FuzzyDiceShop ®?
We accept orders securely over the internet.

What about CUSTOM text, photograph or logo orders?
We ask that you please email us or fill out one of our convenient Contact Forms with some details of what you are looking for.   We'll work with you step-by-step to ensure the final product turns out exactly how you envision them!

Who will bill my Credit Card?
The charge appearing on your credit card will be listed as follows:

For packaging, does the box show anywhere?
No, you don't have to worry about someone knowing what's inside the box, as the information on the box shows the package coming from BRI-GUY Products.  So if you're purchasing these for a surprise present, your secret is safe!

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs, which include handling, for U.S., Canada & International destinations are calculated at the time of checkout. These costs are downloaded directly from the post office and UPS courier based exactly on the total weight of your order and your zip/postal code. This method gives our customers a variety of options to select the one (delivery window & respective cost) that best meets their needs.

How long does delivery take?

  • Handling Time:
    ** All orders are processed within 24-48 hours of receiving payment. **
    • For all Standard Fuzzy Dice (No customization): 
      All orders that are not customized will be shipped out within 1-2 business days after placing your order.
    • For all CUSTOM fuzzy dice:
      All orders that require customization with text, logos or photos will be shipped out within 2-4 business days after placing your order.
    • * Please note that we ship all custom orders via Tracked Packet, as this level of service has a tracking number, and we want to ensure your custom fuzzy dice reach you efficiently. ®
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